Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Was a while since I wrote anything...

I'm starting my new job at McDonalds on saturday... gonna be fun =) I've actually missed workeing at McDonalds. I just hope it's as good as Akalla was. My new boss seam to be alot nicer though so that's a good thing I guess. Then right after my shift it's time for idol. I think they're only going to tell us a bit about what's going to happen but then on sunday it's time to work! Not completely sure what I'll do there but it's an experience so it's gonna be great!!

I miss the Westlife-tour! Wish I was going to Dublin aswell but that's life. I mean, I did see the concert seven times so I'm very happy about that. But at the same time it feels kinda empty. No Westlife-concert to look forward to right now. Ok, I guess there will be a tour next year but no-one knows for sure and since this tour isn't finished yet - ofcourse there's no tickets for next years!

And school ofcourse... was ages since I was there (haven't had any lessons). Still alot to do at home. Two projects at the same time, one very very boring and one funny =) Or actually, the boring one that we have in MRS could've been fun... I think! If only we had another teatcher! I really can't stand him! He even has to show off when he's not around *sigh* ah well...

Anyways, American Idol on TV soon... BUT before I go I just have to write: ANBELANGA! =S

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