Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Another more or less boring day...

Been writing about people who's comeing to Trästock... Got an email on monday saying that we were going to have another pressrelease and it was going to be on wednessday (today) so it was a lil panicy there for a while but we managed to get it done so now I'm well proud of myself (ok, not really)! But I'm very happy that it's over and done!

Anna and Sara are coming this weekend =) Can't wait!! Been so long since I saw them. Yeh, I know, that is what happens when you move 800km away from home (or well, don't remember how far away it is but I think it's something like that) but I miss them. And everyone else at home! Think I'm gonna give my lovely granny a call...

Oh, and I have a new fave singer!! Paolo Nutini. He's sooo good!! I really love his song "last request"

And finally, I think this is a great idea - post your best pics from the Love Tour. Here's a link to where to post the pics and also the rules =P

So if you went to the tour this year, join the competition!! ;) *looking with puppy eyes at Lisa so that she will remember to post her pic where Nicky is "holding" a spotlight*

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