Tuesday, May 1, 2007

How to meet Westlife

Have had a long discussion with Denise about meeting Westlife, which as always lead to the question how to meet Westlife. Which was fun, cause (I think) Denise knows that there's no way to say how to do it. She also knows that (as mean as I am) I won't say anything about what, when and where she can meet them. Been doing this for so long now and the best way really is to let no-one know at what hotel they're staying at or anything like that. But, I'm starting to get a bit annoyed at everyone else who's asking. Just because I've met them more times than I ever have hoped for doesn't mean I know how to (honestly!!). So before anyone ask me again...

- I don't care at all if you think I'm mean or whatever. If I have to be mean to be able to meet Westlife and actually get something out if it, I will!

- only thing I will tell you is: be at the right place at the right time (cause that is what it really is about)

and just to piss everyone off a little bit more... nice pic of me and Shane, right? =P

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